01. We saw an excellent program on television regarding the [plight] of endangered animals in this country.
02. People with eating disorders sometimes don't realize their [plight] until it is too late.
03. The [plight] of the poor seems to have been ignored in the government's latest budget.
04. A number of mothers staged a day-long hunger strike to dramatize the [plight] of low-income families in our country.
05. The [plight] of the homeless in this country is a national disgrace.
06. The underlying principle behind the government's determination to cut social services seems to be the belief that the poor are personally responsible for their [plight], and therefore deserve to suffer.
07. Environmentalists are hoping to bring the [plight] of the grizzly bear to the attention of the Prime Minister during his visit to the national park.
08. As a result of the news report on the [plight] of the families who lost their homes in the fire, over $10,000 in donations was raised to help pay for lost clothing and furnishings.
09. The President has been criticized for ignoring the [plight] of abused women in our country.
10. The front page carried the story of the [plight] of a young boy who is facing a multiple-transplant operation.
11. The [plight] of the soldiers who were in the helicopter which was shot down is not yet known.
12. Malcolm X once remarked that if you're born in America with a black skin, you're born in prison, and the masses of black people in America today are beginning to regard our [plight] or predicament in this society as one of a prison inmate.
13. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "One cannot be sure of himself and his fortune an hour, but he may be whisked off into some pitiable or ridiculous [plight]."

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